Residents of Oakside Area are reporting strange markings that seem to have mysteriously appeared overnight. Jack Bennett, an Oakside resident of 15 years reports his experience from a late October evening:

“The fog was rolling in, and the moon peaked through the clouds lighting the path. I was out for a late night walk in the woods. I could hear leaves crunching under someone’s footsteps. I quickened my pace. I felt someone watching me. I saw someone- a dark figure in the corner of my eye. In my panic I started sprinting back towards my house, but my toe caught a root and I fell to the ground. When I looked up, I noticed markings on a brick wall.”

Halloween Contest


Further reports suggest there are 9 hidden markings, and rumors among residents are that they create a harrowing message. Authorities hope to locate all of them.

If you want to help the townspeople, you’ll need to send screenshots of all 9 markings, along with the secret message to contests@blueislestudios.com by Saturday, Nov. 1.

There will be a draw on Monday, Nov. 3 for all correct entries. Three lucky winners will receive $50 Steam gift cards, and one winner will snag a $100 Steam gift card.

Good luck!

Blue Isle Studios

Patch Notes:

  • Fixed a bug where Slender Man wouldn’t appear again in genesis if you beat it once
  • Improved character model and texture quality
  • Improved terrain detail on ‘good’ and ‘best’ settings in the ‘Into the Abyss’ level
  • Fixed a bug where the steam overlay would cause the pause menu to move
  • Fixed a bug where the run key would reset mouse sensitivity
  • Fixed a bug where the volume slider reacted poorly to controllers in-game
  • Increased the resolution of several game textures
  • Improved performance in ‘The Eight Pages’ on ‘good’ and ‘best’ settings
  • Fixed a bug where occasionally the ‘Walking Simulator’ achievement would not unlock
  • Improved performance in ‘Flashback’ and ‘The Arrival’ on ‘good’ and ‘best’ settings
  • Fixed a bug in ‘Homestead’ that allowed the player to bypass parts of the level
  • Fixed collision issues with ‘Homestead’
  • Added small amounts of lighting to interiors in ‘Homestead’