Become an Official Blue Isle Studios Content Creator

We created the Creator Program to reward content creators, like you, who are interested in playing the games we build. We want to build great communities and we know that content creators are an integral part of that process and getting the message out. This program is our way of inviting you in, and a way of saying thanks. We’ve got some pretty cool incentives below, so take a look and come and join us!

Perks of the Trade

The Content Creator program can provide exclusive content for our creators such as:

  • Blue Isle Studios Merch
  • Online game keys for BIS Games
  • Gift cards
  • Potentially have your name in credits or a game key upon release
  • In-game rewards
  • Twitch drop integration
  • And much more!

Content Creator Program Sign Ups

* indicates required

(Twitch, Twitter, Instagram, Website, etc.)


In order to qualify as a creator you need to abide by the following:

  • Must have a valid social media presence on one or more social media websites (we welcome all-size content creators)
  • Must be of legal age, 18+ 
  • You must not be banned on any gaming platform you’re using (PC or console)

If you have any questions regarding the program please send an email to: with the title ‘BIS Creator Program’.