NEWS   The Arrival Pre-Order and Beta test, coming soon

Today, we’re proud to announce that we will soon be accepting Pre-Orders for The Arrival! As a special bonus, pre-ordering the game will grant you instant access to the Beta test; you will be among the first group of people to play the game before our March release date. The beta test will consist of our terrifying update of the now-infamous forest from Slender: The Eight Pages.

You’ll be able to pre-order the game with beta access directly through our website ( Check back often;  we will be providing pricing details in the next few days. This is your chance to finally re-live the fear all over again – are you ready?

43 thoughts on “The Arrival Pre-Order and Beta test, coming soon

    • Yeah, that’s exactly it. The beta test will consist of the updated revamp of the original forest map. We figured this is best so we don’t ruin any of the story from the new game!

      • Thank you any idea when in March we will get the game I told alot of my friends to like the page back when you would reveal the special thing at 10,000 likes.

        • Hi there, stay tuned, we will have an official release date shortly. As we mentioned in the announcement of our beta test, the game will definitely be available for purchase in March!

    • Glad to hear you’re looking forward to the game! The Arrival will be available for purchase only through our website. Stay tuned and always check out our FAQ and official Facebook page for any news and updates.

    • We will be accepting payment for The Arrival via credit card and PayPal. Also, the game and beta will be available for purchase through our website only.

  1. Will The game be coming to the Playstation network? it is mentioned in the FAQ that the possibility of it being released on consoles is being considered

  2. Alex,

    First off did I read somewhere we will be able to purchase and download the game right from the website? Secondly, will this game be any easier and/or have a difficultly setting? I have had many parties with my friends hosted solely to collect the eight pages, and no one could do it. ever. When we get to six pages Slender turns us around.

    Best regards,
    Joshua Arthur

  3. OH @#$@ YEAH!I love the old forest expet it will be much better granics and the Slender Man from this game.
    And Beta should be good the game for it to be OFFICATY resale is a long time but not too long any way can’t wait but I don’t have a credit account and am 10 SOO that’s a promble :( but can’t wait!:)
    -TheGabe12 ;)

  4. I have two questions. Will this game lag slower computers because of the graphics and when will the pre order be officialy released to the public and will you be able to play the beta right away when you buy it?

  5. So, how are other versions such as PlayStation looking, are you still considering it because I would love the aspect of testing a beta version of playstation

  6. Oh, you can count me in on this!! So, there is no set release date for the beta then? I like the suspense of all this so it’s not too much of a problem, but the excitement is killing me!

  7. So is the Beta free to play and download? I’m also currently working on a Slender machinima for this! I’m very excited, thank you Blue Isle Studios and Parsec Productions for bringing the horror back!

  8. I pre-ordered the game on my mac, and i saw the the pre-release test was only for windows. is there a way i can go back and download the game on my windows computer? i have my licence name, cereal code and order ID.

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