NEWS   New Slender: The Arrival Screenshots

Hey everyone, this will be a quick update today. We’ve got two brand new Slender screenshots to show you so take a look below! Development on the game is going great and we’ll have more updates for you all next week. We’ve got a lot of exciting stuff planned so stay tuned.

Be sure to click on the thumbnails below to see the screenshots in all of their high-res glory.

[nggallery id=2]

17 thoughts on “New Slender: The Arrival Screenshots

  1. Blue Isle Slender the arrival is a game changer so far! This looks like its so scary like if i whatched a video i whould probly pee my plants just saying. Quick Question: Will this change Slender:The Eight Pages FOREVER? Leave a replay or topic and i’ll check it out. PEACE! :)

  2. This is looking really amazing. I love all the minuscule details, from the tree textures to the mist, even the generated clouds have that amazing reality to them. The Slenderman himself has a splendid new look. I can’t wait to try out this game, it’s definitely worth buying. I hope the sounds and effects are as good as the graphics, no doubt they are.

    I have two questions, that you may answer only if you wish to. 1. Is the map going to be bigger than the previous Slender game-map? 2. Will the game be available on Steam?

  3. So excited! friends made fun of me for being so addicted to the original game, and now im sure i’ll be hearing from them again :D ! but when is the “We’ve got a lot of exciting stuff planned so stay tuned.”? its been more than a week and i’m kind of wondering..but anyway! like i said, im so excited and im sure this games gonna be worth avery penny!!

  4. I like how the new screen shots look. They all are high quality, so I’m thinking this will be great. This a different type of game with a totally different story; one of a kind. I interested to find out how the story to the game will turn out. I’m standing by waiting for it to come out, but I have only one concern. Will the game lag really easy, or will it be compatible with most desktops? I’m fairly new using high quality games on computer, so I’m not that familiar with how those PC games run.

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