We have decided to push back Citadel: Forged with Fire’s launch by a few weeks to November 1.

We are launching the game on a ton of new platforms and going to retail stores for the first time ever. It’s pretty rare for an independent studios like ours to self publish a game on both digital and retail at the same time. There were a few hiccups in the process that slowed us down more than expected. We apologize for the delay but we are very close now.

New Server Types
On launch day, we will be launching a ton of new server types to make sure you can play the game the way you want to. Want to soar through the world of Citadel faster? Our sped up 3x and 5x servers will be just right for you! We’ll be launching PvP servers that auto wipe every month or so to ensure a level playing field, and many more cool server varieties. We’ll of course retain a ton of normal, un-modified servers for you to play on as well.

More Content!
Just because we hit 1.0 status doesn’t mean we are finished developing the game yet. We have been working on a brand new content roadmap for the game that goes well beyond our 1.0 launch. We have a ton of new content currently in the works which we are incredibly excited about. Best of all, this content will be completely FREE for everyone to experience. No paid DLC or expansion packs here.

We are so appreciative of the support and feedback we have seen from the Citadel community and this is our way of saying thanks. Two years in Early Access taught us a lot and we can’t wait to continue this journey into the future!

– The Blue Isle Dev Team

Visit www.citadelthegame.com for more information and retail availability.