ABOUT   who we are 

1522242_733323190019899_722589341_nBlue Isle Studios is an independent video game design company based in Toronto, Canada. We are a passionate group of designers, artists, and programmers working to build the best games possible. We are a small group, but what we lack in size we make up for in talent, passion, and dedication. Designing and building great video games requires a truly enormous effort; but it’s what we love to do.

While our company is young, we are a group of industry veterans ready to make our mark on the gaming industry. Get in touch, help spread the word, and tell your friends about us!

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Blue Isle Studios

OUR BRIEF HISTORY   what we’ve done 

The company was founded in the summer of 2010 by Alex Tintor. We originally began working on a project using the Starcraft II game engine. Subsistence was a total conversion of the game turning it into a near-future warfare RTS.


We’ve since turned our attention away from Starcraft II, and in September 2012, we began development of Slender: The Arrival. The Arrival is a bigger and better version of the hit game Slender: The Eight Pages, and on March 26th 2013, it was officially launched to the public.

Available for PC on Steam, The Arrival is the official re-imagining of the original release that captivates players with the same terrifying gameplay, more levels, improved visuals, and an engaging storyline. Take a look at the official version of Slender here!

CURRENT PROJECTS   what we’re up to 

Today, we’re excited to announce that Slender: The Arrival will be making its way to XBLA & PSN for The Xbox 360 and PS3. The Blue Isle team is currently working on lots of new content for the console versions of the game, including two brand new bonus levels.

We’ve recently partnered up with publishing label Midnight City, who helped us bring The Arrival to consoles. Look for Slender: The Arrival on Xbox 360 and PS3 to be released during the first quarter of 2014.

In other news, we have a totally new, secret project in the works – so stay tuned for more information!